Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heart Chaging

It's been 4 months since I have went to Haiti.  While on this trip I realized very early on that GOD had more planned for me than I could ever imagine.  It's been a heart changing trip.  Early on I had to search my heart and remove alot of feelings that I had.  God changed my Heart to allow me to feel and see things through the Eyes of the Haitian's, also with the 33 others that I was on the missions trip with.  It's allowed me to be open to be honest with others. To be up front and admitt when I did or said something out of chacter.  I had college and High school gals that opened my eyes to see another side of me that made me realize I needed to change to allow myself to grow spiritually.  Just the last few weeks I hve found my quite time spot where I can sit and find comfort with God.  I am learning that he has given us each a voice and there is a purpose for us all in life.  I have come to realize I often was living my life for the world around me, often seeking others opion and how they felt.  Just the other night while talking to one of the young gals from our trip she pointed out to me that If I feel a passion and God's speaking to you Listen to what he wants you to do I reached out to her it seemed like she needed someone to chat to and at the end of our chat we both found comfort by sharing what God had put on our hearts.  1 Corintians 2:4-5 I relied only on the power of the Holy Spirit.  I did this so you would trust not in Human wisdom but in the power of God.  I know now that my purpose in life is to be the person God has called me to be.  I am finding such a peace in my life knowing that I don't have to seek approval from others to make me complete.  I'm finding that new voice deep inside of me.  Funny thing is God has chossen to take that voice from me for the moment.  Yup I have lost my voice and have been told that I need to rest.  So rest I am in the loving arms of my Savior the one who has challenged me to seek out my purpose!!  My hope in sharing this bolg today is that if one person reads it and realizes that they too have a purpose and have been seating at the edge looking over they will take taht leap of faith and find when they jump they will land in the loving graceful arms of of our God!  Be well my darlings! 

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Pam said...

Beautiful Mar. So thrilled you're writing again here. Keep it up. God has much to share through you, my sister!!!