Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Faith in the Hand of Honesty

Where does our faith go when we are struggling with our troubles?  Do we feel that everything we have learned in our faith has slipped out the door and it's all gone in the wind?  Or maybe even dare to say that we are angry at God in the midst of a really rough storm?  Feeling that he has adbanded us?  Remember Simon Peter, did he not three times deny our Lord before the Rooster even had a chance to crow in the morning.  I can really relate to these things. So when we come out of the mist or the fog, do you see that it was Jesus that was trusting in us. I have to be honest here, many times I have said things were great when in all reality it was really bad, I hid, ran, even may have looked you in the face and said everything was "Fine" a word that has really been removed from my vocabulary as much as possible.  In a recent change in my life I had to be HONEST with myself, I have no control over anything it is my Lord and Savior who controls it all.  How awesome is that he give us a choice to be free. There are spiritual forces out there they can either lead us to truth or deciet.  The choice is our's to make we can try to hide behind the scars or we can choose to remember that our Mighty King has the nail pierced hands and feet.  So lets just be honest hold on to your Faith it will give you the truth that will lead us to freedom. If you choose to be sinful and not be honest it drags you into deciet. Then deciet leads to bondage.  I ask you not to hide behind your scars, pain, hurts Just be honest and remember who has your back in the misty storms of Life.  As I went through this change the closer I drew to Jesus the easier it was to accept the truth about myself.  I am so greatful that while I struggled with my Faith for a few days and became honest with myself and my loved ones it was in the Hand of Jesus all along that I found true freedom.

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Pam said...

Amen and amen, girl!!!!

Your openness and honesty are refreshing and always appreciated. I love how you are unafraid to show your scars, which will hopefully encourage others to not hide theirs. You just never know how your story can inspire someone and bring them out of the darkness and captivity they are hiding in.

So glad you used this song here, too!!! Yes, praise God we DON'T have to hide scars!!!

Much love, sis -- and keep on writing as God leads.